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Zarina Rouge creates sustainable and high-quality handbags for the modern, creative woman.  Our goal is to elevate your daily wardrobe with our flirty yet practical bags. To every silhouette we bring  a sense of ease and elegance. Furthermore, we believe colour is key. It is what makes your outfit stand out. Which is why we offer a wide range of colours. We want to highlight all your neutrals with a pop of colour.

Since the advent of digital media, it has become increasingly clear that fashion is disconnected from traditional seasons. It’s becoming a trend-less cycle. Which is what we aim at. Our goal is to bring you a year-round product, a timeless and gender-fluid handbag of the highest quality. Season-less fashion – as its name suggests – is fashion that does not conform to typical seasonal trends or schedules. We produce items with the intention of giving them a longer life. This way the bags can be both sold and worn throughout the year. It is no secret that today’s fashion pace is worth raising eyebrows. This is why we believe going season-less could save money, save fashion, and also kind of save the world. 

We design with real people in mind and sustainability is at the core of everything we do. This goes from the choice of production methods, raw materials and working conditions, to our environmental footprint. We start with small quantities of each product, and only make more if we know you want it, based on direct data and feedback. This keeps our production less wasteful, and exclusive. We like making you feel special.

Quality is an investment in the future. We believe that the pieces we buy today should become the vintage of tomorrow. To achieve this ideal, we create timeless pieces that will outlive fleeting trends and suit every season; creations made from eco-friendly and innovative materials by people we trust.



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