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Zarina Rouge is a Belgium-based brand.

I started off by offering handcrafted leather goods, which carry my name Zarina Rouge. The handbags were made in my studio in a small coastal town called Koksijde, Belgium. It takes up to 20 hours to make a bag which became a difficult combination with my full-time job. And so, as the level of demand started increasing, I started looking for a way to meet that demand without quitting my job.

After screening different factories, I finally found a match. So how does it all work, you ask?

First I start drawing, erasing and drawing and erasing... I bet you know how that goes. In some cases my design results from a composition of an entire scrapbook of ideas.
As soon as I have found my final design, I move on to drawing the pattern. The latter can really take up a lot of time, as you need to measure everything carefully. All dimensions must be very accurate.

After the pattern is wrapped and ready, I move on to cutting the leather pieces that soon will form the bag I had in mind. When the bag is finished I show it to my colleagues at the factory. Together we start looking for a suitable type of leather, which is always of top quality Italian leather.

We are finally approaching the end of this incredible collaboration. The craftsmen fine-tune my prototype and there it is. If I am satisfied with the final outcome we proceed to the production part.

All bags are produced in limited numbers. There is nothing more rewarding than quality over quantity. The last thing we need now is another fast-fashion brand, right?

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